Dena Cashmere

denaA story of wool and tradition.

It all started in the mid-sixties, when her mother handed her a ball of yarn and two knitting needles, and showed her how to start a knitting: mounting points on the knitting needle, work right and reverse. Mom followed her while she continued her chores, dropping to every error since when my first potholder found its place in the kitchen.
From then, she has never stopped: became more and more careful to details, skilled, learned how to adapt the current fashion to her taste, and sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats were finished for her and, later, for her sons. The love for wool, the combination of colors, designs, artisanship, the beauty, the traditional but also contemporary, everything which is done carefully, finally became a job. Actually, there are three shops DENA CASHMERE proposing mainly cashmere garments, or pure new fine wool or natural fibers garments, always with a keen eye for quality. Today the boutique in the virtual marketplace Dena Milano completes the traditional shops. All garments are strictly made in Italy from small producers who she selects personally and very carefully.


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