polo_milanoMuch more than a simple polo shirt:
sporty and elegant as a shirt.

We call them polo, but they are much more: a new concept of garment suitable for every occasion and every season. They remember the polo because they are knitted in cotton honeycomb, have a collar and are closed by buttons. The novelty and the characteristics of the POLO Milano are the adding of a touch of elegance that makes it a little less sporty and a little more similar to the classic men’s shirts, with short and long sleeves. Their unique feature? The mesh collar has been replaced by a shirt collar that outside takes up with the cotton honeycomb, but inside it is in a very elegant white cotton with blue stripes. Even the backsplash and all the lacing is highlighted with the shirt tissue , as well as the inside of the cuffs in the long sleeves and the slits of the edge.
The POLO Milano are proposed in male and female version. The latter have a more fitting shape, buttoned for woman, and a slightly elastic fabric for superior fit.
The most innovative proposal is the winter polo, which can be worn alone and replaces shirt and sweater. Instead of the most summery honeycomb, it is made of a pure cotton shag, and maintains the characteristics of a sporty garments a little more elegant, with shirt collar and matched cuffs. There are many colors, from classic blue, cream, red, light blue, mustard and green, to seasonal fashion colors.
Comfortable as a sporty garment, elegant as a shirt, with a POLO Milano you always have the right dress for every moment of the day: sporty and classic for the city and even for the week end.